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Health City Cayman Islands is committed to our mission of delivering world-class healthcare that is accessible and affordable for all. Our team is integral to us achieving this mission, working together to ensure that every patient receives thoughtful, compassionate care. The staff at Health City features some of the most brilliant minds in healthcare, keeping us innovative and competitive in the ever-changing healthcare environment.

Every team member, in every facet of our operations, embodies our Core Values of Compassionate Service, Reverence, Integrity, Wisdom, Creative Innovation, Dedication, and Accountability. This is reflected in a culture of excellence, and healthcare centres characterised by exceptional experiences for our patients.

It’s no coincidence that we’re one of the best hospitals in the hemisphere; we thrive on challenges, embrace the unknown, and consider the impossible an opportunity to innovate, always guided by our north star of providing excellent healthcare for all, regardless of socioeconomic status.

If you are inspired to be a part of the healthcare transformation taking place at Health City, please apply for one of our available positions.


Job Openings


Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands Health City Cayman Islands is inviting applications from eligible candidates for the above position.

  • examining and monitoring pregnant women
  • assessing care requirements and writing care plans
  • undertaking antenatal care
  • carrying out screening tests
  • providing information, emotional support and reassurance to women and their partners
  • taking patient samples, pulses, temperatures and blood pressures
  • caring for and assisting women in labour
  • monitoring and administering medication, injections and intravenous infusions during labour
  • monitoring the foetus during labour
  • advising about and supporting parents in the daily care of their newborn babies
  • helping parents to cope with miscarriage, termination, stillbirth and neonatal death
  • preparing electronic medical records
  • identifying high-risk pregnancies

Midwives may work on a rota and be on call to provide care on a 24-hour basis.



• Midwife Qualification
• Registered Midwife with the NMC
• At least five years of clinical post-registration nursing/midwifery experience comprising at least three years in midwifery


Required skills


  • Ability to deal with emotionally charged situations
  • Excellent teamworking skills
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong observational skills
  • An interest in the process of pregnancy and birth
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Ability to work and communicate effectively with people from different backgrounds
  • Ability to follow instructions and procedures
  • Caring and compassionate

Please send your resume to:  Rebekah.Brooks@healthcity.ky

International Patient Care Manager

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands Health City Cayman Islands is inviting applications from eligible candidates for the above position.


· Responsible for the International Team

· Directly manages Patient Care Coordinators Team and Concierge Service

· Acts as liaison between Head of Marketing, Clinical Director, Medical Staff and Administration with Department Coordinators

· Development of International Patient Care plan

· Organizes, directs, controls and coordinates patient services in accordance with hospital governing body

· Maintains professionalism of department

· Develops and implements strategies to improve patient and concierge services

· Conducts Business Development VIP tours

· Responsible for continuous monitoring and adjustment of the patient pathway

· Develop systems to receive, analyze, report and disseminate relevant information to the Head of Marketing

· Develops procedures and protocols for the Patient Care Services Department for quality assurance, patient safety and service of excellence

· Works closely with Medical, Nursing, Finance, Quality Assurance and Marketing/Public Relations Departments

· Is instrumental in the development of department positions and is actively involved in hiring for department positions

· Implements departmental changes

· Other duties as assigned


The manager will be responsible for the results and coordination of all activities related to International Patients at Health City Cayman Islands (HCCI) to generate and convert leads. This manager is also responsible for the patient pathway through the hospital, directly manages the International Patient Care Coordinators team, and represents the hospital in a professional and knowledgeable manner. This position plays a key role in promoting Health City in local and international markets


· Degree in healthcare management required

· A minimum of 8-10 years’ experience in a health care setting and 5 years’ experience in an administrative/supervisory role

· Must possess complete knowledge and understanding of patient pathways and hospital administration

· Must have experience in the areas of International Patient Care Services

· Understanding market dynamics, translating into actionable strategy and implementation to achieve pre-set objectives


· Genuinely cares about people and will foster trust amongst colleagues and medical stakeholders

· Leadership and management skills

· Innovative and strategic with strong planning and organizational skills

· Personable and able to relate well to a diverse range of people and organizations

· Manages self well in stressful situations

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