Geriatric Conditions Treated

  • Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders in Older Adults
  • Osteoporosis
  • Dementia
  • Gait and Balance Disorders
  • Nutritional Disorders in Older Adults
  • Continence Disorders in Older Adults
  • Neuromuscular Spasticity in Older Adults
  • Comprehensive Assessment of Older Adults

Services Provided

  • Diagnosis and Management of Dementia including Advanced Treatment with Patches
  • Diagnosis and Management of Parkinson's Disease including Advanced Treatment with Apo-Pens
  • Management of Medical Complexity ( Multiple Conditions)
  • Rehabilitation Post-Medical Illness or Surgery
  • Diagnosis and Management of Osteoporosis with Bone Turnover Markers
  • Diagnosis and Management of Frailty